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1. Introduction:

This document serves as the Official Terms and Conditions Document.

2. Deposit, Cancellation and Refund Policy:

A 50% deposit on the total rate is required upon confirmation of the move. A 50% balance

payment is due immediately upon completion of the service. The deposit is fully refundable for

cancellations made 5 business days prior to the move date. Any cancellations made later than 5

business days will attract a 50% charge.

3. Address Disclosure Policy:

The moving process will take place at the listed addresses. In case of an improper disclosure of

either the addresses or size of house or items or floors, we may put a charge to cater for the

extra addition. This will however be communicated to the client and agreed upon.

4. Damages and Claims Policy:

In the event of any damage to items within the scope of work caused by us during the move, we

will be fully responsible for the replacement or repair of the item as deemed fit. Claims on

damages will be settled within 14-30days. No damage claims will be honored until the charges

for moving services have been paid in full.

5. Transport Liability Policy:

The Client bears liability for any claims that occur under Transport Only Service as Octa does not

participate in any packing and handling of items under the service.

6. Exclusions Policy:

The scope does not cover moving of jewelry, watches, trinkets, money, deeds, securities, mobile

phones, portable media and computing devices, or gadgets of any similar kind. The client is to

make own arrangements for moving the items.

The scope does not cover any form of electrical or mechanical works or any alterations to the

structural outlook of the premises e.g. doors, windows, entryways etc. It is the responsibility of

the client to ensure the entrance or exit to the premises or within the premises, stairs, elevators

or doorways are adequate for free movement. Client will bear responsibility for any such works

to be undertaken.

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